The RALCO Name: A Legacy of Trust

In the heart of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, when someone speaks of reliable industrial generator installation and electrical work, one name consistently rises to the top: RALCO Generator. As a  spin-off of the well-known and regarded RALCO Electric, our core competencies revolve around delivering unmatched solutions during ground construction projects, renovations, and restorations.

With over three decades and an award-winning service portfolio, we’ve continually supported industries with reliable power. “We Make it Easy,” so you can focus on what you do best. Diverse Needs, Diverse Solutions: Tailoring Power Backup to Industry Needs

Every industry is as unique as the functions it serves. Similarly, backup power solutions should be handpicked, ensuring they sync with the industry’s demands. Recognizing this, RALCO Generator is proud to showcase a comprehensive array of generator brands, each poised to meet the needs of a diverse industrial landscape.

KOHLER Generators

With eFRAME enclosures, KOHLER’s Gas Generators provide enduring power solutions for various industrial needs.

Briggs & Stratton Generators

Their robust 100kW+ Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Generators are perfect for industries that demand steady and reliable power.

Cummins Generators

For the healthcare and data center sectors that require uninterrupted power, Cummins delivers with its specialized generators, so critical operations never skip a beat.

Generac Diesel Generators

Offering durable Diesel Generators, efficient Gas Generators, and seamless power transition with Automatic Transfer Switches, Generac is synonymous with dependability.

Industries Where Power is Paramount

In the diverse industrial landscape of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, specific sectors have a crucial need for dependable backup power. Here are a few RALCO Generator has helped:

  • Construction Sites: Power is the lifeline for equipment and safety systems on construction sites. RALCO Generator’s backup power solutions ensure that projects progress without delays or safety risks.
  • Healthcare: For Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities, reliable power supports life-saving equipment and patient safety. In addition to providing skilled assessments of sizing requirements, our experienced team will ensure compliance with all codes and standards, including NFPA 110.
  • Data Centers: As the link of our digital existence, data centers require constant power. RALCO’s Generator installation safeguards against data loss and service interruptions.
  • Manufacturing Plants: Automated machinery, quality control systems, and assembly lines work harmoniously with power. A backup generator installed by RALCO Generator ensures production targets are met without compromise.
  • Retail & Commercial Spaces: From security systems to billing counters and elevators to lighting–power sustains all aspects of commercial operations. Say goodbye to lost revenue, damaged reputation, and disrupted customer experience. Entrust RALCO to engineer a backup generator solution for your retail operation.
  • Educational Institutions: Beyond lights and computers, modern educational spaces have labs, digital libraries, and online platforms. A standby generator installed by RALCO Generator secures the classroom and keeps research moving forward.
  • Hospitality Sector: In the hospitality industry, guest comfort and service continuity are paramount for positive experiences and reviews. Backup power from a standby generator guarantees that HVAC systems work, food remains preserved, and security systems remain active.

“We Make it Easy,” and our team of experts will assist with your specific needs

For these industries, the impact of a power outage extends beyond inconvenience—it affects revenue, safety, and operational efficiency. That’s why discerning industries in Massachusetts and Rhode Island rely on RALCO Generator for their backup power needs.

The Trust and Expertise You Expect in Industrial Generator Installation

As the industrial landscape in Massachusetts and Rhode Island evolves, so does the necessity for an expert backup power partner. RALCO Generator, with its extensive experience and broad range of premium generator options, stands as the trusted name in industrial power solutions.

Our dedication to excellence, backed by over three decades of service, positions us to meet your industry’s specific power requirements. Each project is an opportunity for us to solidify our standing as the premier industrial generator installer in the region.

Choose RALCO Generator for uninterrupted industrial power. Trust in our expertise, trust in our experience, trust in RALCO.


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