RALCO Generator has become -synonymous with reliability and expert generator maintenance in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with a legacy stretching over thirty years. As a full-service generator dealer, we offer comprehensive maintenance solutions designed to keep your power supply consistent and reliable.

Our commitment is clear: to provide exceptional generator services with our customers’ needs as our top priority.

Expertise Across Top Generator Brands

At RALCO Generator, our service extends beyond essential maintenance. Our technicians are well-versed in various top generator brands, including Generac, Briggs & Stratton, Cummins, and KOHLER. This expertise ensures that RALCO can maintain any generator, regardless of the make or model:

Factory certified generac dealer in MA & RI

RALCO Generator’s technicians are well-versed in the specific maintenance protocols for Generac units, like Quiet-Test™, ensuring these generators are tested, serviced, and ready to operate efficiently as needed.

Briggs & Stratton automatic standby generators installed by RALCO

RALCO Generator provides comprehensive services tailored to extend the life of Briggs & Stratton generators, like maintaining their Vanguard™ engines.

Home standby generators, like KOHLER, protect families when there's a utility power outage

KOHLER’s PowerBoost™ technology and corrosion-proof enclosures are designed for longevity but require routine inspections. RALCO Generator offers specialized maintenance services that preserve the integrity of your KOHLER generator.

A Cummins home generator with remote monitorin

With expertise in Cummins’ PowerCommand® control system, RALCO Generator’s preventative maintenance assures systems are meticulously serviced, keeping them in optimal condition to handle the demands of sensitive and essential operations.

The Importance of Regular Generator Maintenance

  • 1
    Performance: Maintenance ensures your generator functions optimally when you need it most, preventing interruptions to productivity or critical services.
  • 2
    Reduced Downtime: Proactive maintenance minimizes the risk of unexpected failures, ensuring a reliable power supply.
  • 3
    Peace of Mind: Routine service guarantees your generator’s reliability, sparing you from unforeseen power issues.

Comprehensive Generator Maintenance | “We Make it Easy”

Understanding that each generator has unique requirements, RALCO Generator offers personalized maintenance services:

  • Scheduled Maintenance: Regularly planned service visits to preempt issues and maintain generator condition.
  • On-Demand Maintenance: Flexible service options without long-term commitments, available whenever you need them.
  • Warranty Assistance: We simplify the warranty claim process for a stress-free customer experience.
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans: Long-term strategies to ensure a steady power supply and prevent costly repairs.
after generator installation, RALCO's maintenance plan is offered to commercial and residential customers alike

Preventative Maintenance Subscription vs. Standard Tune-Ups

Choosing RALCO’s preventative maintenance subscription offers advantages over standard tune-ups:

Regular maintenance ensures your generator is always ready to perform.

Preventative care can prevent expensive repairs due to sudden malfunctions

Generators that receive consistent maintenance have extended lifespans.

A well-maintained generator operates more efficiently, saving energy and costs.

Subscribers receive faster service, especially during high-demand periods like wide-spread power outages.

Our subscriptions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, providing maximum value.

Generator Maintenance in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Generators are crucial, and it’s vital to entrust their upkeep to proven experts. RALCO Generator, with over three decades of experience, represents this expertise and dedication. Serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we are known for our technical skills and exceptional customer service.

For your power needs, choose RALCO Generator, where excellence and reliability converge to ensure you’re always powered. Discover the pinnacle of generator maintenance with RALCO, where you’re always the priority.


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