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RALCO Generator, with its three-decade-strong foundation, is the epitome of reliability and excellence in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. As an authorized Cummins dealer, we offer comprehensive services encompassing the installation, maintenance, and repair of Cummins generators, ensuring that our clients receive the dual benefits of Cummins’ robust product offerings and RALCO Generator’s exceptional service.

Why Choose Cummins Generators?

Cummins stands out in the power generation industry for several reasons:

  • Innovative Engineering: Cummins generators are synonymous with engineering excellence, delivering reliable and efficient performance.
  • Sustainable Solutions: These generators are designed with the environment in mind, providing high efficiency with a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Quiet Operation: A Cummins generator is engineered to operate quietly, making it suitable for residential and noise-sensitive commercial zones.
  • Versatile Product Line: Cummins offers a wide array of generators, from portable units for homes to large-scale industrial powerhouses.
  • Safety Assurance: Each generator undergoes stringent testing to meet high safety standards, ensuring protection for users and property.
  • Trusted Worldwide: Cummins’ global presence and reputation are built on the trust and satisfaction of users everywhere.
For Cummins generator installation, repair and maintenance, RALCO Generator is the team in MA

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Cummins Generator Installation in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

RALCO Generator’s Cummins generator installation service is a comprehensive program designed to provide a smooth, efficient, and customized setup for your power generation needs. Our approach is client-centric, ensuring that every installation is executed precisely, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Cummins Generator Maintenance by RALCO

RALCO Generator is committed to providing ongoing support after the installation of your Cummins generator. We offer customized maintenance packages to ensure your generator remains in peak condition, including regular inspections, updates, and 24/7 emergency service options.

  • Preventive Maintenance Plans: Competitively priced and structured to detect issues before they turn problematic. Ensure your generator’s efficiency and extend its lifespan.

Cummins Generator Service & Repair in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

With RALCO Generator’s expertise, these issues are diagnosed swiftly and repaired, ensuring your Cummins generator runs as smoothly as the day it was installed.

Even the most reliable machines require upkeep and occasional repairs:

  • Starting Issues: We swiftly address problems related to batteries or starter motors.
  • Fuel System Maintenance: Our service ensures that fuel filters and injectors are clean and functioning properly to maintain performance.
  • Coolant System Checks: Regular inspections prevent overheating and potential damage, keeping your generator in prime condition.

Why RALCO Generator is the #1 Choice for Cummins Generators

RALCO Generator is the preferred choice for Cummins generator solutions in the region, thanks to our extensive experience, stellar service record, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

We Make it Easy. Choose the Best. Choose RALCO Generator.

For those in Massachusetts or Rhode Island seeking a reliable generator solution, RALCO Generator is your go-to Cummins dealer. We guarantee uninterrupted power, superior service, and the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today to experience the RALCO difference.


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